Thomas Edison said: “Tomorrow is my exam but I don’t care because a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future.”


Thomas Edison said: “Tomorrow is my exam but I don’t care because a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future.” But here in India, people are judged by results and not by their knowledge. How can you justify this?

True, People are judged by their results. But, for a while, let’s look back at why the exam system was invented. It is a failed experiment to test a person’s ability, but the exam system still continues today. It’s you and your determination to learn that decides your future. Edison is nowhere saying that one should stop studying altogether. If you feel like just giving up on studies, well then try that, you’ll soon learn your lesson.

Don’t study to pass an exam, study to learn something new everyday. People are going to judge nevertheless. You can’t impress everyone. People do say “If you don’t top, it’s not a problem”. I think they’re still just glorifying that being a topper is a desirable thing. Sure, a topper might ace exams, possibly get a good job, which is desirable to people. But that will be all. If he didn’t learn anything, that will be all he would do in his life. If you learn something deeply, you are more likely to contribute to the world in a positive way, do something for the benefit of people. And most of all, you feel a sense of satisfaction. Try studying with all your heart something that you’re interested in. That is a more productive thing to do than preparing for an exam. And don’t worry, no one is going to kill you for getting bad grades.

Exams followed by excellent result is a universally accepted & the only method of judging. Exam is to judge your knowledge on a particular topic or a subject. There’s no alternative to exams and the examination system.

A few exams are even tougher like UPSC, AIIMS, AFMC, IIT, GATE, USMLE, because they want only the best in terms knowledge, dedication, sincerity, acumen and mental stability. NDA is another tough exam that checks your physical fitness, grit along with knowledge.

But you cannot help it.

The basic rule of “survival of the fittest”has to prevail. And it’s the only way.

How else can one screen the eligible candidates for a particular course.

The reservation system in India has given enough leverage and advantage to few but in the long run you would find them lagging.

I agree with you on one point that one bad day can affect your years Hardwork especially when it’s your exam day. This can be attributed to “Destiny”. But the determined, dedicated, devoted students still fight back and come out triumph.

Please keep reminding yourself “God helps them who help themselves”.

No way the exam system can be replaced.

Have faith in God and your Hardwork you would be adjudged “The Best”.



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