Top 10 the best thing you should know about Volkswagen

Fifteen things you didn’t know that Volkswagen. Welcome to another exciting original post, today we’re looking at one of the Giants in the automobile industry, a company that has stood the test of time and continues to thrive throughout the planet, let’s talk about Volkswagen.

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Volkswagen was established in 1937 by the German labor front in Berlin with the goal of producing cars that the common German might afford at now only 1 German out of fifty in hand a automobile, so there was some competition in the market at the time to produce a car for the masses with some help from Porsche and support from Adolf Hitler, which we’ll talk about in a minute. The Volkswagen Beetle was born over the years Volkswagen has sweet-faced scandal on bound times tried takeovers and lawsuits and still they persist these days in concert of the longest running brands within the market and that they show no signs of deceleration down, in fact from 2006 to 2016 they nearly doubled their global sales from 5.7 million to 10.3 million in Volkswagen cluster in hand a number of the foremost recognized luxury automobile brands, and despite a 2015 emission scandal they posted a record profit of nearly six billion dollars in 2016. If you’re new here welcome make certain to subscribe.

Volkswagen conjures up North American nation with their ability to vary with the days their constant drive to try and do higher and become additional dominant in their field, and their creative spirit so let’s take a look at the 15 things you didn’t know about Volkswagen.

Number 1

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Ferdinand Porsche created the Volkswagen Beetle. In 1933 Ferdinand Porsche engineered a automobile he known as the Volks automotive vehicle with associate cool rear-engined torsion bar suspension and a rounded front hood resembling a beetle form once Hitler wished to supply a reasonable automobile to the plenty she set to sponsor a state-owned manufactory that created automobiles on porcius style the car was originally known as the kdf-wagen, which translated to strength through joy in its long type.

Number 2

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Volkswagen was sued before war 2 over the VW beetle style, ferdinand porsche was inspired by the catcher cars created by Czechoslovakian car maker hans ladronka he thought the beetle style was a touch too kind of like his t97 automobile therefore he sued Porsche, however the lawsuit was abandoned when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia and Patra was forced to halt production once war ii the proceedings was reopened eventually volkswagen concluded up paying Katra 3 million Deutschmarks that is around six million bucks u.s. at today’s valuation the money paid in damages meant Volkswagen was restricted financially from manufacturing new models and this can be one reason why the VW Beetle was in production so wrong.

Number 3

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After war 2 Ford turned down a suggestion to require over Volkswagen freed from charge, after World War two the fate of the Volkswagen company was uncertain their commercial vehicles did not have a lot of of an opportunity to require off before they address manufacturing alone military vehicles therefore the company did not appear to own a lot of worth once the planet was over the corporate was rejected by representatives from yankee British Australian and French motor industries it absolutely was even offered to Ford freed from charge however Henry Ford the second turned it down once the chairman of the board of the Ford Motor Company suggested him that the corporate wasn’t price a dime.

Number 4

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Porsche just tried of stage a takeover on Volkswagen in 2008. In 2008 Porsche created arrange|an idea|a thought|a concept|an inspiration} to quietly purchase shares of Volkswagen so that they might ultimately overtake the corporate once details of the plan were created public once Porsche denied it for months VW stocks soared from two hundred euros to over one thousand euros Porsche discovered they are holding a VW choices contracts and standard shares that comprise nearly to seventy five % needed to require possession of the corporate the tables turned in 2009, when Porsche had debt trouble and Volkswagen was forced to rescue the company in what would become a reverse takeover the previous CEO of Porsche Wenzel invited King and therefore the former business executive were charged with market manipulation and later guiltless in 2016 Porsche is now owned by Volkswagen.

Number 5

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VW bus was oversubscribed at auction in European country for 2 hundred and thirty 5 thousand bucks once you consider automobile merchandising for top costs at auction the VW bus definitely does not even cause you to consider the highest 10 the VW bus is intended to be an inexpensive mode of transportation associated it became an painting image of the 1960s culture the numerous folks isn’t centered on luxury or power it offered bench like seating for up to 9 folks and operated with regarding thirty power unit, although the vehicle isn’t significantly top quality it will attract some attention at auctions owing to yearning associated emotional attractiveness the foremost dear VW bus ever purchased at an auction had solely six thousand four hundred miles on the hodometer and was a 1955 special edition Samba microbots deluxe that featured chrome hubcaps an oversized VW badge a two-tone paint job twenty three windows associated an enormous artefact sunshine-roof it absolutely was purchased for 2 hundred and thirty 5 thousand bucks at an auction in European country in 2014.

Number 6

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The final VW was named El Rey the ultimate original kind one VW Beetle was created in metropolis North American nation in July of 2003 it absolutely was named El Rey that interprets to the king a ensemble band compete because the final beetle was being created and once it absolutely was completed it absolutely was delivered to the company’s depository in Wolfsburg European country.

Number 7

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One of the final VW beetles produced was listed for sale at close to 1.1 million dollars when VW decided to end production of the beetle a final special series of 3,000 beetles were produced and marketed as the ultimate video or final edition the cars came in only Aquarius blue or beige and included a 1.6 liter engine whitewall tires a chrome glovebox badge a Wolfsburg emblem above the front trunk handle body coloured wheels tinted glass chrome features and a VW ultimate a CL plaque one of these cars was put up for sale in 2015 with less than seventy-five miles on the odometer for the listing price of 1.1 million dollars.

Number 8

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The first year Volkswagen were sold in the US only two units were purchased Volkswagens were first marketed and sold in the US in 1949 and their cars were briefly advertised as victory wagons sales started to slow with only two units sold in that first year it wasn’t until 1955 that Volkswagen of America was formed to standardize sales and service in the US.

Number 9

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The Volkswagen Group owned some of the most luxurious car brands in the world the Volkswagen Group is the largest automaker by worldwide sales as of 2016 and that includes many big-name car brands some of which may surprise you the car brands that fall under the Volkswagen Group umbrella include Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, and Lamborghini, Ducati motorcycles are also included on this list.

Number 10

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German historians estimate 80% of Volkswagens World War two workforce was slave labor at the beginning of world war ii volkswagen productions turn to military vehicles that supported the nazi regime slave labor was the norm in the Volkswagen plant with forced laborers coming from multiple concentration camps plant managers reportedly requested laborers from these camps to meet the wartime demands in 1998 Volkswagen admitted that it used 15,000 slaves during this time and the lawsuit was filed by survivors and their families for restitution Volkswagen voluntarily set up a 12 million dollar reparation fund for the victims similar suits were brought against Audi, BMW, mercedes-benz and other German based companies.

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