Top 3 exercises to get strong back

In today’s world all are looking for great physique with a buffed up body with six pack abs and all.

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But training only front body isn’t fair you should also focus on your back which not only gives you strength but also develop your back muscles to give you a complete ripped and pumped-up look. So best exercises to develop your back muscles fully•••


Just sit on pulldown machine with a wide attached to top pulley. Make sure you adjust knee pad according to your height. Just do it with right form to develop your back muscles faster.


When we talk about building back muscles this exercise always remain a undisputed king among as it is perfectly known to grow back muscles faster. Just get into start position and sit down on the machine with your feet placing on front platform or crossbar.


Just setup in power rack with bar on pins make sure the pins should be set at desired length below the knees and just position yourself in proper deadlifting position.


If you don’t see your back muscles in mirror that doesn’t mean you won’t train it after all a good back will give you a great physique as well as a powerful look along with illusion of having small waist!


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