Top 5 Indian Youtuber/Fastest Growing Indian Youtuber


5 Harsh Beniwal

Here is Harsh Beniwal, a Delhi-based Actor/Viner, who currently has a whopping 1.4M followers on Instagram and is also known as one of the fastest growing vines in India. He is an individual who wishes to be an example to the world by being best at what he does. This simple and good-hearted youngster had started his journey from a being a regular teen to becoming a youth icon with a huge fanbase. He is famous for his comic vines and hilarious jokes on the social media. This Viner, on the other hand, has a very positive and generous approach towards his life-goals and aspirations that is helping him today to soar with success.

Harsh knew right from the beginning that if there’s anything he would want to do in his life, it would be in the field of Acting & Entertainment. With this dream of his since childhood, he did everything that would help him to pursue his career in his field of interest. A big Bollywood fanatic, he always loved to be his ‘Filmy’ self whenever and wherever possible.

In mid-2015, Harsh started making comic videos on Dubsmash and Facebook which garnered him a very good response, but as time progressed, the reviews weren’t as positive as they were in the beginning and gradually he started losing his momentum.

This was when I saw a vine for the first time. I really liked its concept. At that point, with nothing else working for me I thought I should consider making a vine. So it was my first try. I made a video of about 50 seconds, edited it to nearly 15 seconds and uploaded this video on Instagram. The response I got for this vine was quite good from my then current followers. I was still just testing waters so I sent this vine to a big troll page. They liked it and asked me if I could make one vine per week for their page. I agreed to do this because I was getting a chance to present myself and connect with more number of people. I am an entertainer and to reach out to more number of people is every entertainer’s dream. Plus I was doing what I like best. This enthused me and pushed me to give in all of my potentials.”

After a great start, Harsh has been very upbeat about his vines and videos, which requires creativity and consistency. As a daily performer, he has to keep on digging at new ideas to make his acts more comical and entertaining. “One of the common characteristics among actors is that they observe people. Whenever I am traveling or enjoying with my friends, I observe what is going on around me. At times even simple daily-life incidents trigger me to develop themes for my vines. It can be anything in general; anything that is too obvious. I then try to find out how this situation can be made funnier, which props can be used to make it look more appealing and that finally helps in a better output.

Being popularly known for his work in the comedy genre, Harsh also believes that there are no boundaries or restraints from trying any of the other genres. In fact, he is open for such opportunities and can perform anything that will test his skills. He wants to learn and improvise. Also, he is a theatre-loving artist. In the past, Harsh has been associated with theatre and has had a rich experience of performing in front of a live audience.

In his childhood days, Harsh was an active kid. The acting was always his passionate side, but he never thought that he would ever pursue his dream anytime in the future. After he was done with his schooling, Harsh went through a very rough patch. He was bullied by some students in college due to which he started developing a hatred for college and for himself. People influenced him in the worst way possible, mostly regarding him as a person who cannot do any good in life. The circumstances were miserable for him as he was trifled with and considered worthless.Just during this time, a very special person while departing from his life gave him an advice which changed him for good and forever. After this, he never looked back.

People kept underestimating him, but now he had a vision and moreover a will to do something great that will leave behind a huge impact. When he started making vines, everyone resisted him but he went on regardless of the negative comments. “I kept questioning myself ‘Should I continue or should I stop?’, ‘Will this work or not?’, and I always found the answer to keep moving on. The times when nobody was by his side, he had to be his own motivation.He says, “I was just like any other regular student who had given up on life. Everything was a mess and I had no ambition left. When I tried to follow my passion, everybody went with me. They said I am a fool to waste my time but I was investing my confidence, which was very precious. Today when I look back, I feel that all of it happened for the best. If during that time I hadn’t held onto this relentlessness, I would’ve never reached the position where I am today.”

Like many aspiring viners, Harsh started as one but the reason why he is so popular today is that he wasn’t flattered by the initial success of it. He believes in maintaining the quality of his work and putting efforts consistently. He says that you can compromise with the quantity but not with the quality. He loves to entertain masses and sees it as a responsibility.

4 Ashish Chanchlani/Ashish chanchlani Vines

Eliciting a flash of a smile, or a giggle, which carries great momentous merriment, that too from an absolutely invisible audience; one can say is a job of a great performer, but what about a performer who is taking this effort every single day? A performer who is present for his audience, at surprising hours with delightfully humorous content making the viewers go into flavors of laughter.

Here is Ashish Chanchlani, one of the leading viners of India, who carries on making crazy comic vines on Instagram and is an absolute rage among his fans.

Ask him what is vines and he says,“A vine is a 6-15 second video, that captures a situation, and is also sensible enough for the viewer to understand.” This angel faced, and ever smiling vine maker currently has more than 2M followers on Instagram and Facebook. Behind this success is his never to quit attitude, that makes him stand where he is today. The acting was his passion, and his ultimate goal was to become an actor.

Recalling his childhood he says, “I was a very average kid, not very active in school, I do remember how it was back then. I always wanted to act and entertain people; but in school, other kids were always preferred over me. I was a healthy child and that was why I was humiliated. It wasn’t a very happy period of my life. Despite having the passion for acting, I couldn’t make it to the stage. But I had mad love for movies. It was quite enhanced as my father owned a single screen theatre. I have seen the era of people throwing coins onscreen when an actor comes to the era of multiplexes. So, all my life I have studied acting, by sitting in a theatre and watching movies. It felt like I was a part of it. Akshay Kumar was my idol and he has had the biggest impact on me. I have always looked up to him as an actor and a comedian.”

In the course of time, Ashish won various awards for mono-acting and completed his schooling with good scores when he opted for science stream. He complained several many times of not wanting to study, and rather move on to acting, but his father enlightened him saying that one should always have a formal education, no matter whichever fields he may be interested in. That definitely gave Ashish a different lookout at education. Scoring well in his high school, he entered civil engineering. It was now when Ashish faced his first failure. He flunked in one of the subjects in his first year. This was a phase when he was totally shattered. With his dream of becoming an actor going nowhere and the downfall in his academics caused him depression and irritation. He started feeling worthless and detached from his passions. Taking this all in, he moved on. And now there came a very significant change in his second year. He joined the college committee and acquired the position of an event head, which boosted him in an efficient way. He hosted many events, which got him various platforms to present his speaking as well as acting skills. Finally, he gained his confidence back. He started getting a grip on himself and that was a turning point for him. Joining the Barry John acting studio, he sharpened his acting skills, where he realized that there is some potential in him and it was then when he discovered what is a vine.

Sharing his experience he says, “I remember the first vine that I ever saw. It was made by David Lopez. It was so funny, I just loved it. The first thought that came to my mind was, can I make a vine myself? It was shocking and even disappointing when I found no Indians into the wine-making business. This felt like a challenge to me, and I decided that I will bring the vine trend in India.”

Ashish made his first vine and unfortunately didn’t receive a positive feedback from the viewers. The reviews were constant for many consecutive vines. But that didn’t stop him to keep going on. He did a lot of research and improved on his themes. Slowly people started liking it, and then it was no stopping for him.

3 Ajey Nagar/Carry Minati

CarryMinati (born on 12th June 1999 in Faridabad), actually known as Ajey Nagar is a YouTuber, famous for his rants of viral videos. His videos are mostly made up of gameplays, photos, clips of viral videos and his astonishing voice. Ajey shot to fame when he uploaded videos like MAKING MONEY WITH BB KI VINES, I WANT A GIRL GIRL WITH SWEG on his YouTube channel CarryMinati

CarryMinati became one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in India when he scored whopping 50,000+ subscribers in the month of July 2016.  CarryMinati has around 138 videos, more than 2.5M subscribers.It is just awesome to see so many people appreciating what I do.The work takes a lot of hard work and if you get appreciated for it that is the best motivation for anybody. If people won’t appreciate the work we YouTubers do it will be a huge drawback for us.

There is no trick to be successful you just have to keep doing it and experimenting with what works and what does not. Initially, there will be a lot of variations in what you do but once everything settles down the path to take up becomes clear and then the focus aligns solely in one direction.

Just keep doing what you do and if you want it bad enough you will eventually rise. These days due to much-rising fame the newcomers think twice but I assure them that everybody on YouTube brings something different and hence everybody has his own charm among the audience.

Right, parents usually see it as a huge waste of time. My parents took it really well. Most of the parents don’t support it because they don’t know about it but my parents tried to understand it and they are happy for me now.

Humor is the most difficult thing to create in this world because humor differs from person to person, therefore, making a larger impact on the audience requires a 360-degree view of your work. I work for at least 18 to 20 hours on every video of mine. There are times when I get stuck on something but I eventually find something and move on.

I wanted to be a YouTuber since I was 13 years old. When it comes to inspiration nobody really inspired me but, I do get motivation from a lot of YouTubers seeing their videos, for example, Bhuvan Bam, TVF, AIB, etc. I hope I can one day work with them and reach their level.

This is a very difficult path to undertake because nobody has a surety of the outcome. No one really believed in what I was doing except my one friend Arpit. He would always tell me that I can make it and that I had it in me.Youtube teaches you innumerable lessons for dealing practical life. But the one thing YouTube really taught me is how to express myself. I was not able to do so before I started YouTube. Believing in oneself is the most important thing and this confidence was boosted in me by YouTube

The good and bad thing about YouTube is you don’t need the talent to be successful you just have to grind it. The quote perfectly fits here is “Grind It Till You Make It.

2 Gaurav Chaudhary/Technical Guruji

Gaurav Chaudhary was born on May 7, 1991. He was very brilliant in studies. Along with it, he was also active and very curious about technical things. He was raised with this curiosity. He graduated from Rajasthan Technical University to earn the degree of B. Tech (Electronics) and he was also the topper in university

For higher studies, he moved to Dubai where he has done M. Tech (Micro Electronics) and awarded with Gold Medal. He has done all of his studies in technical subjects. One day he was watching videos on YouTube. All of a sudden, he came across a YouTube channel “Sharmaji Technical” which was a Hindi Tech Review channel. He got an inspiration to launch another tech channel which would probably be the only channel to review and provide technical education in the Hindi language.

He met the founder of Sharmaji Technical, Mr. Prabal Sharma and uploaded few videos on his channel. Those videos set a new record for Sharmaji Technical. This YouTube channel gives honest reviews on latest smartphones. For your information, both Gaurav and Sharma Ji have done B. Tech from the same college.

On October 18, 2015, he started his official YouTube channel, “Technical Guruji”. As of November 1, 2016, this channel has crossed over 1000 subscribers. Today, Technical Guruji has over 4.6M subscribers.

Today, Technical Guruji is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in India. Within just 15 months, it has crossed over 800k subscribers. It is his dedication and hard work which led him to reach this milestone.

All he is today is because of his dedication, consistency and hard work. It is the only formula for his impeccable growth. If you also do what he does, you will definitely grow in your respective field. Let’s check out what are the secrets of his success.

Gaurav has always created helpful and informative videos that everyone can watch and learn something from time to time.

• The way he speaks has always been so impressive. It is the biggest plus point for him. Today, there are millions of tech channels on YouTube. But most people prefer his channel only.

• Over the years, he has connected to other leading YouTubers. There were only two leading YouTube channels that time – Sharmaji Technical and Gadget to Use. And Technical Guruji has connected to both of these channels. Within no time, his content quickly ruled the hearts of his subscribers.

• His team never left any stone unturned in their duties. They keep on uploading videos from time to time. Currently, they are uploading at least 2 to 3 videos every day.

As discussed earlier, Gaurav uploads two videos every day. It means he uploads 60 videos, on average, per month and, similarly, he uploads 720 videos in a year. Earlier this month, he started a whole new series, Sunday Masala. In this series, he also responds to subscribers’ comments. If you have any doubt or query, you may also ask your questions followed by #bologuruji on Twitter.

Technical Guruji uploads every video in Hindi due to which they are liked by maximum Indians. He speaks in a very common language that everyone can understand. His videos are also liked by the people in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Some of the most interesting fans most of his subscribers and Tech Savvy people don’t know is Gaurav is one of the biggest fans of “BB ki Vines” YouTube channel and he generally prefers to wear half pants.

In order to provide added support to his subscribers, he has also launched his official Android app “Technical Guruji” He offers most user-friendly tech videos in this app. He wants everyone who has a great interest in technology can access his videos on the go. Whenever he posts any video, you can access it directly from this app. You may also ask any question directly from this app.

Technical Guruji is one of the leading names known by the most Tech Savvy viewers and Tech YouTubers. The video producer and founder of Technical Guruji, Gaurav has revolutionized the trend of Tech YouTubing since he ventured into YouTube. He makes all of his videos in Hindi. So, he is one of the most versatile YouTubers to date.

Gaurav Chaudhary creates some of the viral videos every day in Dubai. He has the loyal fan following and stays honest to his subscribers. He makes videos on several topics based on Science and Tech. So, he always prefers to give something different to his subscribers every time. We hearty congratulate Gaurav for completing over 1 million subscribers. It is the only Tech YouTuber in the country who achieved this milestone.

As Indians, we proudly wish Gaurav all the very best to cross other milestones with 2 million or more subscribers. He is the inspiration of most Tech YouTubers in India and we are pleased to see his achievement.

1 Bhuvan Bam/BB KI Vines

If you are an Indian and young who has an active internet connection at home, it is nearly impossible that you never came across BB KI VINES a popular YouTube channel run by a Sugiyama guy, Bhuvan Bam. He has been the most recent YouTube sensation with awesome viewer engagement. Today, each video uploaded by BB Ki Vines receives millions of views.

The 23 years old  is a singer, music composer, songwriter, and stage performer based in New Delhi. He was born on January 21, 1994. Initially, he was singing in the bars.He studied at Green Fields School, New Delhi and earned his bachelor’s degree at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi. He has been entertaining people and doing comedy since school days. He made some random videos which were loved by his closed relatives.

The very first video he uploaded on YouTube was “The Chakhna Issue” which didn’t gather enough views on his page. It grossed only 10 to 15 views. But it couldn’t stop him to climb the ladder of success.When asked about his success story in an interview, he added “BB Ki Vines truly changed my life. I was totally confused on what to do in life. I was doing music. BB Ki Vines was in my mind since school days. I loved making people laugh by cracking jokes and I was the entertainer in my class. BB Ki Vines started unexpectedly.”He further added, “One day I was watching TV at my home. It was coverage on Kashmir floods in a news channel. A news reporter, while covering a story about a mother who lost her child, asked some silly questions. He felt he needs to do something in his own style (by cracking a joke on him). He uploaded a video on his Facebook page.

Overnight, the video went viral and he woke up to the popularity of his video. In June 2015, he debuted with his YouTube channel. Currently, he is one of the fastest growing YouTube stars.The secret to his huge popularity is with his different writing skills and originality. His comic sketches resemble the personal experience of many people and he shares stories about daily family consequences.

His income source was previously from his Original Songs and Live Musical Performance. Since he has huge subscribers base and viewership on YouTube, he has been earning huge from “YouTube Partners” campaign. He performs for stage shows, college fests, and events for earning. in 2014, he uploaded “The Chakhna Issue” as his first YouTube video which managed to collect only 10 to 15 views. Later on, Bhuvan Bam deleted the video but it was re-uploaded by the fans.

Currently, Bhuvan Bam has up to 4.5 million fans on “BB Ki Vines”, his Facebook page, 6.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, He also runs “BBMusician”His most viewed and popular YouTube video was Papa MaakiChu with over 21 million views and it is still the No. 1 video in his channel.When it comes to popularity, Bhuvan Bam and BB Ki Vines are favorite among post-teen boys and teens in North India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Initially, he got popular in Pakistan on Facebook. Since then, he chose to create YouTube channel and Facebook page. Currently, he has the huge fan following.

As on January 29, 2017, he became the first Indian YouTuber ever to have over 2 million subscribers. Recently, he also became the winner of the Most Popular Channel Award at 2016 WebTV Asia Awards, Seoul, South Korea. For 2016, the other nominees are All India Bakchod, The Viral Fever, Being Indian, and East India Company. The Viral Fever won the award last year.Recently, he collaborated with “The Viral Fever” in “TVF Bhootiyapa Bachelors vs. Ghost” by getting an invite from Jeeji of Jeeji Veerji, a YouTube channel.

He received criticism from many people for his 18+ contents and abusive language used in videos. But there are many who came in support for him. According to the supporters, this is the way youth talks these days in Delhi and he is showing nothing but uncensored reality.

He has created a lot of fictional characters to tell his stories. All of these characters have their different personality and traits, style and accent. BB or Bhuvan Bam is a protagonist. Banchordas Chhatriwala aka Bancho is the lead character. He is the closest friend of BB who repeats the term “bancho” in virtually every sentence he says. Sameer Fuddi is another popular character. He is Bancho’s cousin who speaks in a doubtful style. Mr. Hola is another character who is a Bhuvan Bam’s uncle (friend of his father). Other famous characters are Mrs. Verma, Babloo Ji, BB’s mother, and Dr. Sehgal.Dr. Sehgal is one of his popular series. Dr. Sehgal is a doctor in the real world whose clinic is located next to his house. He had several funny experiences but he is almost similar to Dr. Sehgal on screen.



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