Top high carbs food which are super healthy

Carbs are very essential for everyone but people keeps on blaming that high carbs food promotes obesity.

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•The truth is that all carb foods are not equal and there are some foods which are highly beneficial for our body!



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It is one of the most popular fruit on the planet.

•Bananas are made up of almost 23% of carbs in the form of sugars and starches.they are high in pottasium and vitamin C.

•People uses banana for instant energy also!


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It is the healthiest food grain present on the earth. Raw oats contains nearly 66% of carbs in it and about 11-12% of fiber.

•Oats are rich in many beneficial nutrients like protein and fiber and also contains various minerals and antioxidants.


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It is a nutrious and tasty tuber.

•Cooked ones contain about nearly 18-24% of carbs in the form of sugar, starch and fibers.

•It is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, pottasium and various antioxidants.


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It is a citric and juicy fruit. One of the popular fruit as we know!

•It is a good source of fiber and mainly composed of water and mainly contains 12% of carbs in it.


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It is sweet flavour fruit with a crunchy taste!

•It contains many minerals and nutrients but in small amount but there is decent amount of vitamin C , antioxidants and healthy plant compounds within it.

•Apples are present in market in various size, colours and flavours and generally contain about 13-15% of carbs.

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