Top Tips/Strategies For Passing 12th Board Exam


Top Tips to Score Good Marks in 12th board exam for students who are appearing in 12th class, surely this gonna help a lot in a long run for many students who wish to be successful in there future with the great result & to be in the merit of colleges cut off. Students always want to know that

1 Always Be Positive

A positive attitude is a key to solve many of the problems which you face in the life, During exam time this is an important feature to have in you for success & Crack your exams with blushing colors. Attitude is the main for all the students because it reflects your personality as well as your confidence or self-confidence we always make you at the top of everything whether It is for exams or interviews or for your Life.

A positive attitude will make you through to the door of success and make you feel full of self-confidence.

2 Don’t Forget English-Specially For CBSE Student

Physics, chemistry, maths, economics, geography, accounts, history and other subjects. Dude, do you remember you have one more subject called English?

Not everyone but a huge number of student does not take this subject seriously and at the time of result, this subject becomes responsible for the drop in overall percentage.

Language subjects can be used as a booster in making a high percentage, all you need to do is to study it, at least, a day in a week. If you can maintain this, then surely this subjects will support your percentage in a great way.

3 Time Will Kill Your Marks

Yes, I am talking about the time management here, this one of the big factor responsible for marks. You are not a kid, every student knows the definition of time management, but only a few of the take it seriously while preparing for board exams.

It is your class 12th. You will never see the school again in your life and, believe me, you will never study again with such an enthusiasm as you are doing right now. So, why not make this preparation more beautiful and smart by applying time management on it?

4 The Night Before The Exam

The night before exam contain approx 10 to 15 percent of marks, make a great use of this night, making your mind feel relaxed.

I too have experienced this night in my life, the only thing I remembered today is fear of board exam. What will happen tomorrow? How tougher will be the exam? These type of question was eating my brain.

I have an experience now and thus, I can tell, what should you do that night.

  •  Make yourself forget that tomorrow is your exam, feel free like a bird.
  •  Do not ever try to revise your study stuff, as this is not one night fight.

5 When You Feel Stuck During Exam

There will also a moment comes in your exam time when you feel stuck with some questions or a single questions . you just need to be relaxed and calm, don’t be panic in that situation and make your self-be confident and try to think that answer with a cool mind.

If you are not feeling like giving that answer then make any resembles sign or tick that question with pen and move on to the next question and try doing that question after you finish your exam and still left with time.



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