Understanding the “Time Zone”

New York is 3 hours ahead of California (time) also does not mean that California is slow … and not even New York is fast. Both work according to their own “TIMEZONE”.

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If someone is still single then someone has got married. Someone is waiting for the baby for 10 years after the marriage, then someone has become a baby in one year of marriage.

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Someone completed graduation in 22 years and took 5 years to earn a job, there are some who have completed graduation in 27 years and immediately secured the job.

Some 25 years old lived the company’s CEO for 50 years and there are some who became CEOs for 50 years and lived for 90 years. Every item and person works according to their “TIMEZONE” …

Every work is done according to its “TIMEZONE”.

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Your colleagues, friends, relativists often seem to have moved on in your life, while some feel left behind … not even that, everybody runs according to their race, pays and “TIMEZONE” .. God Has a different plan for everything. The difference is just a matter of time. If Obama retires in 55 years, then the same degree starts at Trump 70.

There is no need to envy or curse such a situation for somebody. They are in their “TIMEZONE” and you are your !!!!!

Hold on, be strong, and stay tune to yourself, all things will work well for your good …

You do not even sooner or later. You’re at Verizon on your time !!! stay blessed .. YOU ARE IN YOUR TIMEZONE … .. !!


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