Fashion Trends of 2018 :  As we get ready to invade in a new year, its also a time to invade into a new set of wardrobe and fashion trends. Embracing a new set of wardrobe and embracing a new set of trends for a whole new year. Everybody wants their wardrobe set according to whats trending..!! Plus what should they wear according to their body structure..!!

After all “Beauty comes in every Shape Shade and Style

Every person has some fashion resolutions.. Whether the intent is to whet in on their wardrobe or to take more fashion risks..!! These are some of the Fashion Looks to entwine into your wardrobe this year..!!

1. Plaids


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Plaid was everywhere at the fall in 2017..!! but looking at what’s coming for 2018, this fashion trend will once again be everywhere: blazers, coats, skirts, accessories , etc. Plaid will be on it.

2. Psychedelic Prints


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psychedelic prints

The second fashion fall 2018 Trend is Psychedelic Print. This fashion trend for 2018 is from the latest New York, London, Paris and Milan Catwalk and Runway shows…!! They look stunning when full of colour and generally classic when playing with dual tones say for an example black and white..!! stripes, floral and many more types of prints.

3. Trench Coats


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trench coats 

Trench coats are undoubtedly a classic choice..!! Worn by almost every celebrity from Jackie O to Rihanna . This 2018 the classic trench coat gets an upgrade of fringes new shades new patterns new cuts. A whole new trench for every fashion freak to try this year..!!

4. Wide Leg Pants


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wide leg pants

The all new classic slouchy wide leg pant is getting a big thumbs up in the fashion runways..!! And also in fashion trends of this year..!! Playing both the roles that are Comfortable and Stylish. What else we need when what we are wearing is both comfortable and trendy. If your summer style is more vibrant, don’t be afraid to opt for loud prints.

5. Definitive Denims


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definite denims

A new wave of fashion denims is here just in time to give your wardrobe a upgrade. From that baggy nineties denim to novelty, and patchwork styles, the fabric had a major presence on the runway of 2018. Everyone loves to wear denims and such a fresh and designed fashion upgrade this year is leaving a very impressive and classic mark.


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