Do you want to be next millionaire?

Do you want to be the next top millionaire and make it to the Forbes list?

All this is possible as there are tons of trillions of dollars of money floating in the market. The point is if you are ready to grab a million dollars in your pocket. You can make a large amount of money and need not to work again in your entire life.

To make a million dollar without working for someone else, you have to gain right financial knowledge and have the right attitude, and nothing more than that. Today I am going to tell you five things, which you have to implement in your life if you want to be a millionaire.

The 5 things are –

1 Wash out negativity put in positivity

Your mind is a program. As a program, it gives you what you put in. if you give positive input it will give you positive results and negative input will give you negative result in life.

First of all, you have to wash out these eight things from your brain –

1 You need a lot of money to make lot of money

2 Money doesn’t grow on trees

3 it’s selfish to have a lot of money

4 You have to work hard to make a lot of money

5 Money is evil you can’t buy happiness with it

6 The more money you have the more problems you inherit

7 Wealth brings pain and misery

8 I don’t have what it takes to make a lot of money

These are some of the negative statements that create a negative image about money in your mind. People who could never make enough money create these myths. We have unconscious beliefs about money. First of all, you have to accept that money is normal. Money is ok, it is neutral. The negative part is not, in money it is in you. So the thing which is need to be changed is your mentality, not money.

Below are some of the positive statements which you have to say daily when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

1 Money is good

2 I have all the resources and capabilities to make money

3 For me money is good

4 One day I am going to become wealthy

5 I am committed to become wealthy

6 it’s wonderful to have lots of money

7 I am a money magnet

8 I can afford anything

9 money makes me happy

10 I can use money to contribute to the world

11 Money loves me.

12 I can have more money than I can spend

13 Money comes to me easily, effortlessly and frequently

Practise this powerful affirmation daily. Remember your conditioning will determine your thinking, your thinking determines your decisions, and your decisions determine your actions and your actions will determine your lifestyle.

2 Spend time with positive money vibration

The main problem is that we spend most of our time with average people who have average goals or society that has never seen such a large amount of money. Their way of thinking becomes our way of thinking and we start making average choices in life. Average people talk about average things, events and old ideas. They spread the negative vibration about money. From now onwards spend time with rich people or those people who have the ability and strong desire to become rich.

3 listen to positive videos 10 hours a day

Most of you sleep 6 to 8 hours a day and after that your 4 to 5 hours is gone in bathing, eating and traveling and then you are left with hardly 11 hours in a day to work. I will tell you how you can take out 10 hours a day to listen to positive videos. Your brain is divided into two parts one is the subconscious mind and another one is the conscious mind. Your subconscious mind covers 90% of your mind and the remaining is the conscious mind. When you sleep your conscious mind sleeps but your subconscious mind keeps on working until your last breath. Therefore, you can play a motivational video on money in your room or in your ear. Your subconscious mind will understand and learn from these videos. When you wake up you have positive vibrations in your mind about money. Try this for 21 days and you will see the result. One more thing, before going to sleep just utter this words again and again that I am a money magnet and money is good for me. It will help your mind to absorb the positive vibrations better.

You can watch videos on Youtube.

download audio books from Amazon.

My favorite youtube channels are –


4 Get right financial education

Rich people are rich because they have the right financial knowledge. They know what are real assets and liabilities. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad writes the middle class and poor people buy liabilities and think they are assets. According to the author, assets are those things, which put money in your pocket, and liabilities are those things, which take money out of your pocket. You need to read right kind of financial books and watch videos on financial literacy.

5 Remove external and internal liabilities

In life, there are two types of liabilities. One is external and another one is internal. External liabilities are loans, Mortgage, law suits payable, promissory note etc. Internal liabilities are fear, anger, depression, and habit of ego, procrastination, lack of discipline to take action. These are some of the liabilities that can affect your financial freedom. If you want to be rich and wealthy then first get rid of such internal liabilities. There after work on your external liabilities because change starts from within. You can heal your internal liabilities by meditation, by watching motivational videos and by attending workshops on self-development.


Conclusion –

Just remember making money is like a game to win a game you have to master the rules of the game. The same is with money. You have to practice the above five things daily to become wealthy and rich in life.

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Stay Motivated!


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