What if the children below the age of 18 are allowed to vote? 

The idea of giving the ‘Right to vote’ to children below the age of 18 sounds very abstract, as  we all perceive that young blood under the age of 18 lack the life experience,  independence, education, and vested  interest  in election results to make an informed choice among candidates or parties.. But do we as  adults always choose the most responsible representative for us?

We say that the young children are innocent  and will cast a vote for the inappropriate    candidate on list for a vague reason. Just imagine the politicians at the time of propaganda,promising out loud to the   youngsters to negotiate on the costs of items that lie in the interest list of them such as  lowering down the prices of ice creams and chocolates instead of solving the major issues  of the nation!!

We believe that the teens don’t understand the view and working of the politics and probably have zero idea how their decisions and votes   affect not only themselves as an individual, but the entire country.But the truth is, even we,  the so called mature adults assume that we are well versed with everything about politics, political parties and politicians, but we  clearly have no understanding. We only know and conclude via what the media shows.

The other case which comes to our minds is  that the young students would only think  about their profit and would support those  who work for their benefits and if we go by   this fact then only those politicians would   win who would make all decisions in favour of the children such as reducing the time of the school and extending the vacation period.

Also,Teenagers are reliant and dependent on  their parents for ideas and opinions, and tend to be easily influenced by what they hear, whether it be from word around school or  social media posts. They also tend to   ‘bandwagon’ on ideas, concepts, and opinions, which in the case of voting, following  the popular crowd can make the votes  and polls essentially unfair and unreliable. The consequences of that would be in some  cases the parents would force the children   to give vote to particular representaive and  the helpless child would do that.

The youth of our nation is very well aware what is going on in our society then Why  should they be left out of the conversation about the laws that can dictate how they’ll be treated in the world, just like adults?

Lowering the voting age might put a little pressure on parents and schools to better prepare teenager to vote and it would bring a stability for them as well. But, if we closely    observe from the opposite side of the coin, then it would complicate other things as there are innumerable things which are legal and are allowed only after the age of 18 such as getting a credit card or a loan from a bank.

Of course, you don’t over night become  mature on your 18th birthday, and not everyone matures at the same rate. Your ability to make decisions evolves gradually as your brain  develops. Then how can we decide the maturity level of an individual just by looking  at his age. Oh come on! it is the society that   decides the maturity age as 18. But do you  think that’s true for all types of decisions?

Well, voting is a very serious affair and we  all need to be aware and responsible for our decisions in electing a representaive decides our future.


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