what is your personality type ? Have you ever given a thought to it: Are you an introvert , an extrovert or an ambivert,know more about yourself.

INTROVERTS: People say that introverts are those people who have avoidant personality disorder. But according to the research at university of Amsterdam we have certain genes linked to being extra-responsive to dopamine, henceforth ,We react differently to different situations.

Introverts are those people who have the most creative minds,their shyness and silent behavior allows them to talk less and observe more they look at the world through different eyes “many of the  successful people are introverts namely Bill Gates, Walt Disney , J.K Rowling, Eleanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln  and many more…” history has depicted that introverts have the power to transmute the world .


1. Crowded places seems shit to you, meeting people sucks you like anything.

2. You always think that something bad is going to happen to you.

3. you have creative minds you want to constantly think and do things.

4. You have high functioning anxiety , you have a lot to say but shyness stucks you.

5. Your imaginations and thoughts keep you awake at 3 a.m. in the night in desire of being successful , and are usually hard working and are successful.

INTROVERTS are those who want to speak loud about their thoughts to people only the thing is “that they  need to come out sporadically, the world needs them , their ideas ,their views , their thoughts and their  creativity “.

So pat your back and feel proud of yourself if you are an introvert and try to share your beautiful Imagination with people.

EXTROVERTS : are those people who get their strength by being around different people ,who speak out loud to people about their thoughts and ideas ,they have the better idea of understating people because of their experience of meeting large number of groups.

Even if they are tired of their social lives and want to seclude themselves from people they are not able to do that because ,Extroverts have the tendency to make friends even if they don’t want to make, they somehow end up making large social groups.

Extroverts people are liked by everyone , they have leadership qualities, they want to explore the world look around each and everything and know each and every person they meet in their journey.


1 .You love to meet new people ,you love to go to crowded places.

2. You get quiet bored if you have to spend time alone.

3. Researches have shown that extroverts tends to get sick and are occupied with several diseases if they are kept alone for longer time.

4. You have the quality of speaking and listening more than observing .

Some of great personalities who have been an extroverts and w great leaders are boris yeltsin , bill Clinton, George w Bush ,muhammad ali etc.

AMBIVERT :-  Most of the people think that there are only two types of people introverts and extroverts,  ambivert are the most forgotten personality types some people are born with different characteristics which often confuses them people usually don’t know about this  personality type  ambiverts are those people who lie between introverts and extroverts they change their personality with the heat of the movement they share the characteristics of both the types and change them accordingly.



Ambiverts are the most successful personalities because unlike introverts they  don’t fear the crowd and are ready to share their ideas with world and unlike extroverts they don’t fear being alone , they observe , speak and listen altogether.

Ambiverts act differently according to the company they are engaged in, if they are crowded by the INTROVERTS they will behave like introverts and if are surrounded by the company of extroverts they will behave like extroverts.

Therefore these are people who are liked by everyone because they change their traits according to the people surrounding them , this might seem strange to the people who are an ambivert because at the same time they engage with each and evey person caring different views and ideas they got to go with everyone.



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