Generally Education is something which denotes the proper systematic instructions over the particular topic to get excelled in it. It is mandatory, as believed since it is considered as the basic necessity for a person to get qualified for any kind of job. Sometimes only educated people are being respected in the society and the uneducated are left ignored. Though education holds the identity of a person, it doesn’t mean that uneducated do not have the rights for anything. It doesn’t depend on a person’s education all the time for living, sometimes it is all about the wisdom that a person has by nature helps. Education is the basic and our senses should decide the right usage of it.

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The real purpose of education sometimes are being misunderstood by both the educator and the person who gains education. It is very annoying to know that EDUCATION has become the biggest trending business in today’s world, since the educators are thoroughly aimed only in their part of welfare in earning money rather than helping the students to gain the knowledge. In ancient days, our Indians followed the GURUKULA SYSTEM of education in which the shisyas stayed with the gurus and learned not only knowledge, but about spirituality, life lessons, ethics and other basic things that are needed to lead a life. But this system had totally became extinct and the purpose of education had totally changed only aiming to earn money and to teach how to earn money. Life morals have turned about ONLY EARNING MONEY. The native schools run by our government is eligible to provide a better education when compared to other schools owned by private sectors. But our ignorance had made the government schools unrecognized.  THE truth is corporation schools are far better than CORPORATE schools.

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EDUCATION is something acquired externally and WISDOM is already internal. One person can acquire knowledge about something only through EDUCATION and wisdom completely depends on how a person uses of what he had learnt. The education wins only when the acquired person uses his right wisdom to apply it. Not everyone who are learned are likely to apply their EDUCATION in every aspects of life. Instead they still fail to treat the troubles through their learnings and struggle to apply their wisdom and face it. So EDUCATION is incomplete without wisdom.

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It is not always true that the educated ones are really high in intellect and try to do things in order. The ultimate goal of education is to teach discipline. But they are not present with almost everyone. Many seem to lack the basic objectives of discipline and some really behave totally unruly forgetting that they are educated.

 We,.The educated, are the ones who really seem to cut the queues, disobey traffic rules, bribe the officials,spit in the public, wasting water, cutting down trees, polluting the environment and sometimes forgetting to use condoms which is why we are most populated and polluted nation too. We never bother about our country’s future but bothered only about us and we keep on working only for our well being forgetting our nation’s welfare.

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Education is nothing more greater than a person’s experience. That is why our parents’ generation do still live with some morals and ethics which are really helpful to life. They still are able to predict whether it will rain or not just but a single glance at the sky, whereas we depend on all sorts of meteorological information. One common or knows how to live a simple life with what they have whereas the educated still blame of insufficiency though they own many things. The experience that a COMMONER has is more worth than the years of education which we have acquired. The experienced people highly use their common senses to tackle each if their situation, in which the educated people fail at times. So it’s better to value EXPERIENCE as much as we value EDUCATION.

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In this present world, it has become a mantra that MONEY IS EVERYTHING. And so the purpose of getting education and educating has become one of the way of earning money. But never forget that EDUCATION is just a basic necessity of life and if you tend to lack in that or fail in that it is not that you are not fit for anything. There are other fields in which you can show your talent and emerge as a star. EDUCATION is just for learning. You can’t sow your talent in that other than by hearting the entire book or by learning it the day before exam and managing to get a pass mark. Talents really differ from education. Talents are in born. It is you who have to discover it and give a way for it. EDUCATION can be given by other person; but talents cannot be given by others. So better give as much importance to talents too.

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Let you know what is education and know how to use it, rather than just preserving it in the head until you score grades in your exams and let it vanish later that.


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