When you are stuck in life just do this.

In the game of chess if we want to win the game we can’t always just move forward. Sometimes we have to move back to be able to get that time to strategize how to move forward with double the force and double the impact.

Don’t we always find that when an arrow is short it’s pulled back so that when it is shot it can go with its full potential and double the force towards its target?

Moving backwards is called conscious opportunities or crises opportunities conscious opportunities means we know that it’s important to step backwards. Someone has said that where attention goes energy flows so we consciously create that opportunity to take a break.

Elon Musk got 165 million dollars in his pocket after selling Paypal for $1.5 Billion. He can use that money to enjoy but he didn’t. He invests that money in the Solar City, SpaceX and Tesla. By the end of 2005, he becomes bankrupt. All his three companies are not performing well. He doesn’t give up and in 2008 SpaceX successfully launched a rocket in the space and got a deal from NASA. Now, he is on the list of top richest people in the world according to Forbes.

Steve Jobs when he was chucked out of Apple and corporation that he himself had formed and established he loved his work in that time he worked on himself he found the love of his life and made that relationship strong he created Pixar and next animation and when Apple hired him back he came back with double the force this is how we find the kind of incredible technology that Apple has been able to contribute to the world.


we should take a break before we break down so that we can come back with inspiration to relaunch ourselves. Winning the game of life and winning the game of chess means not to just keep moving forward but also to move backwards. Moving backwards is not a sign of weakness or cowardice. It is a sign that you are preparing for something great. Now, next time when you feel stuck just stop, move back and double your energy double your force double your impact in order to achieve what you want to achieve in your lives.

Stay Motivated!


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