Who is hurting you the most ?

The worst feeling in the world is when you are hurt when you are not happy from inside and when you are not satisfied. So the question is why we experience these emotions? We often hear about breakups and when i tried to find out find out the cause , almost in many cases the reasons were misconception, misunderstanding, dissatisfaction and EXPECTATION  !  Many of the people often say i expected him/her to do this that etc  but he/she never did anything like that . Its not there fault its the fault of there thoughts and thoughts are not in our control but it can be if we choose to enhance and upgrade them .   Expectation is the reason of my unhappiness too  because i expect alot i always want things to work my may . ” its a good place when all you have is hope and not EXPECTATION ” this quotation is my personal favourite because it motivates me eveytime i expect from people its almost like my medicine to a disease . I am not saying expecting is a bad thing but assuming things in your own magical way is harmful . I remember how i used to chant the sentence ” expectation always hurt” and this helped me alot in not expecting.  This is what i want you all to know that live your life for yourself expectation do work but not all the time and mostly it ends up hurting . And sometimes we don’t even know that we are expecting for example when we order a pizza we know it will reach  us in few minutes because many a times it came on time but remember the 1st time when you ordered a pizza you were feeling exciting about this . There were thoughts in your mind but after some time you were chilled and relaxed you know it will surely come within half an hour but what if it doesn’t?  And the delivery boy is not picking up your calls and after some time you come to know that he met with an accident  then this is called an unexpected phenomenon cause you were chilled and relaxed but what actually happened was shocking and you were expecting of a tasty pizza on your table in front of your television watching Netflix . So life is uncertain we cannot expect all the time we have to train our mind that any thing is possible view everything from different angle and unlike the add of bingo mad angle everything is not same from evey angle ummmmmm ! So why to hurt ourselves by expecting from people. We should be very relaxing and cool in our life because the more you will think the less you will get and the less you will expect the more you will get . Come on lets not disappoint ourself and say ” i refuse to disappoint myself ” in your mind be your own expectation if you want to expect anything it should be from yourself EXPECT to be a better you , a competitive you a best version of yourself and dont worry if you fail to impress yourself get up and expect once again, work hard for you let’s be you a better you .


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