Whoes engineering branch is best for you.

All students before joining the engineering courses. He confused about branch . He think whose branch is best for me and he find information friend, relative and social media . Friends , relative and social media is tell different–different think. When, he listening then he is confuse. But he is not see and understand yourself. What’s is like me and what is interested area of my field. You do a question yourself ?.


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 If you do question you find a answer . You write you all interested factor and then decided your branch. If you like and interested electrical instrument then you take a electrical branches. Some student see the scope of job in government sector and then decide the branch. But I tell you don’t decide to see the scope of job. Because when you decided based on job your branches. You take a admission to his particular branches then you study go to college take lecture. This is not your interested branch then you not interesting to take a lecture and read the  subject so you have not a efficient knowledge of your branch courses. If the job scope better of your branch then you fill the form of whose job . You have not efficient knowledge so you not crack the exam . You walk here and where to find the job but lack of your knowledge you not find any job then you frustrating from your life so you go to a wrong way or try to susaide.                                      

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If your interested factor and job factor is best then you decided your branch. This is advantage for you because you take regular lecture and read the the book so you have more knowledge of your branches and you crack the all exam of your branch.                        If your interested factor is best but  job factor is not good then you decided you based on interesting factor branch .  Because you choose your interesting factor branch but not good scope then you go to college regular and take a lecture so you have more knowledge of your branch then you create a opportunity to related your branch and you gave a job more people or you go to you teaching line of your branch.

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If your interested area of your branch you can invenstion because you have a more knowledge of your branch .                                         So I highly recommend you, choose your interested area branch.                                                 You can fellow me on Instagram Below link………                                  

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