Why is a marriage?

Marriage is the life event which is indispensable in every human life. No one can avoid getting married unless their family and the society totally agrees to keep their “marital status” as single forever. Even then one person decides to stay single, emotionally it’s impossible. Yet the more increased rate in marriage breakage and also the upgrading in the society in culture like live in relationship had made the younger generation really to disbelieve in the phenomena of marriage. Whereas few really live with their partner in compulsion in the name of marriage. But this all can be managed only when a person thoroughly understands for what marriage is actually for.

The need for marriage

As said earlier,one soul needs another soul for support. So one can never imagine being alone forever even they are economically independent. Economy is not a big deal when the marriage concept is approached with the formula of “Love”. But money is the living source and no one can ignore the economic condition and then live just with love. But maximum can be compromised when there is lots of love. So coming back to the question why one needs a Marriage, since human society is different from other living beings as we highly follow certain ethics, marriage was the eligibility in the olden days to give birth to a child. But later it had evolved as a mandatory life event. That’s how marriages are still in existence.

The Indian society’s formula.

No one can ever imagine of surviving single in the Indian society. For Indians marriage is the basic qualification according to them. And also there are lot of time consuming rituals involved in. And none can try to enter into love marriage,unless the girl or boy is from their own caste and Creed or at least equal to their financial status. And above all, the arrange marriage system is still prevailing in maximum and the parents only have the right to select a bride or groom for their son or daughter. 

Indian parents literally follow the order of giving birth to a kid, giving them education, use the education qualification as a Marriage qualification and find a match for their children and get them married and those kids become parents of their kids and the same process repeats for generations. And the irony is marriages are not being considered as a life event, but it is mistook as the ultimate destination of one’s life. Little do they know that marriages are the actual beginning of life problems. Parents take it for granted if their kids get married to a rich family, their duty is over. But they never do realize that their kids are going to suffer in a new surrounding with new family members. Yet marriages are mandatory. The parents sell their kids in the marriage market for dowry and Shaadee sharrnkala.

The right age of getting married:

Indians cannot get married their daughter before the age if 18 and their son before 21. Yet these are very tender age for a person to get into marriage life. According to psychology, A man is 2years younger mentally than his actual age, whereas a woman is both mentally and actually the same age. So it is always advisory to see that the groom is elder than the bride. But actual maturity for understanding others comes after the age if 25 for both make and female if I’m not wrong. One person can leisurely get married after getting settled career wise. One can never understand other’s heart if they couldn’t understand their own. So the actual age for self realization starts in the 20s and only after they can judge about others whether they are a perfect match for them or not then only they can be able to manage their partner. Marriages can be done anytime but achievements only when you are young.

Career versus Family

Many face the challenge of sacrificing their career after marriage especially women. Women would have dreamt of working and earning to be independent, but all their dreams would get shattered after marriage. But only few get the chance of making money even after marriage. But to avoid this, one should be wise enough to enter into marriage life only after they are financially independent and also they are strong enough to maintain a family. But never lose your career for sake if marriage; see to that you get a partner who can support for your career and family too.

Ways not to break a marriage

Marriages nowadays as involved with many conditions and commitments highly face the risk of getting broken. Ego must be avoided on both the side if the partners. But self respect must never be lost at any situation. If at all you are facing something that hinders your mental peace and self respect, it means that you are actually with a wrong partner. Ego can be won by spending sometime in knowing each other and sacrificing for their partners for the sake of their happiness. But self respect is lost when you are being used for others happiness. So be cautious.

Above all marriages are made in heaven… but it is you who going to decide whether it is really made in heaven!


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