Why Kolkata is Affordable City

Worried about high rents, higher property prices, and expensive food? Move to Kolkata because it has been listed as one of the cheapest cities to live in the world by Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey.

The overall cost of living in Kolkata is cheaper compared to the other metropolitan cities; in fact, it is the cheapest of all. Accommodation is also not much expensive compared to other cities. Transport charge is way cheaper than the other metropolitan cities (try comparing auto or bus charges in Bangalore or Delhi with Kolkata, you can avail a relevant transport for 1/3rd of the price that you have to pay in other metro cities in India).

Property prices in Kolkata are affordable if compared to other metro cities. For instance, a 1 Room-Kitchen or a 1BHK in Keshtopur is available at starting price of Rs 2,500 per month whereas in Mumbai, the same sized unit would cost you at least Rs 12,000 per month.

Kolkata is the main business, commercial and financial hub of eastern India. Kolkata witnessed an economic decline from the late sixties till the late nineties. The city’s economic fortunes turned the tide as the economic liberalization in India during the early nineties reached Kolkata during late nineties. Kolkata is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city. Apart from the diversity of India, the cultures represented are that of the Europeans (Including Germans, Armenians, and others), and other Asians (Including Chinese, Sinhalese, and Tibetans).

A new terminus station called ‘Kolkata’ has also started functioning since 2005, but presently it accommodates very few trains. Directly facing Howrah are ferries (Rs. 4) that can get you to the other side of the river either Babu Ghat or Fairlie Place from where you can arrange onward transportation with anything from taxis to public buses to human rickshaws.

They’re easily available and relatively cheap, and will usually use their meters, especially outside tourist locations. The fare is Rs25 for first two km, and Rs12/km afterward as of 2014.

Kolkata is very peaceful and non-violent city compared to other cities. The cost of living is also very good to settle in here for an average salaried person. But life in Kolkata is very slow and static if you are a workaholic then certainly this is not the place for you to stay, as you might frequently face several problems at work where most people neither works nor they want you to work. But as I have earlier stated it is the best place to settle after retirement as staying here post-retirement will not only be easy on your pockets but also peaceful as compared with other cities.


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