Why LAW is necessary

Rules and regulations are provided to prevent confusion and conflict among our society, these are specifically framed so that our society may function smoothly and to ensure order in our lives.

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Each country frames its own laws. Even the organizations themselves frame their own rules and regulations such as a school, a club, a political party or the army. Rules are made according to their protocols and needs to enable a smooth functioning of work. Higher authorities are given the responsibility to watch the execution of these rules.

Laws help us to do the right thing at the right time in the right place in the right way. If laws were absent then everyone would go on their way and there would be a chaos. In the absence of proper laws there would be confusion as to who is to do what. People would always be in tension and they would not feel safe to move about. There would be more crime and inequality in society. The stronger and riches ones would have all the advantages and exploit the others.

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Laws are made for everyone. Also those in authority have to obey the rules made for everyone. They have, in fact, to give good example to the others of complete respect for the law. There are also rules on how to apply the laws. They have to follow these rules. They are expected to be impartial, and avoid favoritism.

Our parents and elders have authority over us. We obey them. They may also be in positions of authority in our town or state. We would be doing wrong if we were to ask them to do favors for us that they are not supposed to. We would be making them break the law for our sake.

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It is also our duty to respect those who are enforcing these laws. When they apply the law rightly they are working for our welfare. We should help them in their task. It would be wrong to try to prevent them from carrying out their responsibilities.

Obeying all the rules is not always easy. At times we have to control ourselves. We may feel like talking during the school assembly or playing in class. We may want to run about in the school bus. We may enjoy sliding down the railing of the stairs. But for our own good we are forbidden to do these things. Obeying these rules when we are young makes it easier for us to obey the bigger laws when we are grown up.

In 1923, when Gandhiji was in jail, his wife Kasturba came to visit him. The jail had a rule that inmates could talk to their visitors only in the presence of a guard. This law was made to prevent criminals in prison helping criminals outside to do even more harm in the society. The warden left Gandhiji and his wife to speak in private. When he returned after a while, he found them waiting in silence. He asked them, “Why are you not talking?” Gandhiji replied, “We’re only following your rules.”

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This is perfect respect for the rules and regulations. It is very common among people to obey the law only because they are compelled to do so. This should not be our attitude. Laws are made for our own good. If we disobey them we are creating problems for others and for ourselves, and wasting the resources of our society. We have to obey laws whether people see us or not.

It is not always easy to obey all the rules I am given. But rules do make life easier and happier for everyone.


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