Why living for others when the life is “YOURS”?!

Hello there! It’s been a long time since meeting you all through my blogs.  Hope you all are staying as beautiful and successful  you are. So  I come to my title now. Yeah, as you would have guessed, this blog is also going to be something related to life and motivation but I’m not going to motivate you leaving only statements as if you are bothered about it or not, I have decided to share my perspective view of life, which may differ from your perspective point of view that is why I have a question for you in the title itself like why you thinking your life from others’ perspective. Hope it makes some sense. So this is nothing of advice or suggestions, but I’m gonna take you to the speed of how I wish to treat Life despite it treats me Good/Bad.

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You Live Your Life:

The Major problems in each and everyone’s life comes through either way:

  •  Commenting on what others do with their life.
  • Bothering the comments that others make on your life.

If you try to eradicate these two deeds, I bet you have crossed the half way towards happiness. I seriously wonder why people are even bothered about others. Okay, let me give you two tips respective to each of the above mentioned problems. So in the first case, the problem is with you. You need not comment on others life unless you either want them also to live a life like you or you want to live like them. Its then better to be busy with your own life than trying to give others the suggestions. In the second mentioned case also, the problem is with you. You must never even lend your ears in listening to people’s comments about you. Since you were jobless you tried commenting on others.  The same is happening to you now. Thus its better not to entertain by listening to those jobless people regarding their views on your life.

Trusting others words:

Trust issues is the biggest reason for most of the broken hearts in the world. So how would you deal this? I had seriously warned you not to listen to other’s words in the previous passage so you should never get the doubt how to solve this problem. Be clear with only one thing. What you own is your own life. Never even give the priority for others to make decisions with your life. You may ask suggestions, that must be the maximum level of giving the priority to them. I find many people letting other people to decide their life and just watch events happening and blame “Luck”. The one who never takes any interest on his own life believes in Luck I guess. No one, only you can decide what suits you better. If you are letting other people to decide, they will select from their perspective. Better give that priority to yourself, Trust in your deeds not in luck and OTHERS.

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Decide Your Dreams:

Each one has unique eye balls, unique Finger prints and Unique eyebrows. Similarly Each one has unique dreams. Yet the problem in Realizing their dreams remains the same. These problems can be called as “STEREOTYPES”. Stereotypes actually prevails in the society. From society it spreads to family. From family members, Our parents learn what all things the society hates in order to curb their children’s dreams. Say, few words from their kids like “Dad, I would like to become a Singer” “Mom, I’m going to become a Writer” and so on freaks out parents as they are only bothered about what the society will think instead of assisting their kids to achieve their dreams. And this makes the kids to “Dream and Bury” with the fear that their parents and society wont like them the way they would like to see themselves. Girls face the most pathetic conditions of all. They have to design their dreams and try to achieve it before they get married. Few girls are even worse. they make up their  mind to not dream about anything else except that of getting a Husband with Handsome Face and a Handsome wallet. Its better to not have any limits for your dreams. When you dream of doing something don’t take anyone or anything into account. Why can’t people with just coins inside their torn wallets dream? Dreams are costly as few consider. Yes you are right since you have to invest your hell lot of determination to taste its results.

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Go on your own Way:

If you have already awarded you “A” grade to yourselves across the above mentioned questions, I assure you that this topic is totally gonna be yours. No matter who you are or What you look like,you own the rights to dream and achieve it. Let it be you want to become the Happiest and Peaceful person on earth. Others might tell you that It’s Impossible. If you don’t listen to these words of theirs, Then you are already the Happiest and peaceful person. After all you own your Life. But on the other hand getting a BMW or a Ferrari and parking it in your portico don’t make you the Happiest person. If you get a car, you will feel like building a house, If you build a house, You want to have a beautiful partner, If you want to have a beautiful partner, You have to sacrifice your dreams for them. So better don’t dream about materialistic things. That makes you more greedy and you never get satisfied and you end up sleepless and unhappy. Better dream of equipping yourself, to empower yourself. It gives you the status that money can’t buy. Keep money secondary and prioritize your heart first.

Life in My Perspective:

I often dream to just take my ATM card ,a DSLR camera, a passport and go on a world tour. Even many might have the same dream I hope and HI-FI to those. 

Life is not just about being born, getting education with some foolish grades and no common sense of following the basic traffic rules, getting married without the capacity of taking care of oneself by fake promising the partner that he will treat her like a Queen, Giving birth to a baby, only because relatives ask”Any good news?” and again educating that kid, getting it married of asking them “When is your baby?” and yet another birth added up and the same process continues. This is what is carried out over generations and they proudly call ourselves as “Generations”. Yet, Life is not all about this. 

Again re read the recycling process mentioned in the previous line. Everything in the Cycle had happened, is happening and will happen only for others but Not for themselves. Even the degree behind a person’s name is not decided by himself. It is all suggested by others. The birth process might have happened because of the silly questions asked by others. Yet the Life is yours. Never even let yourself to montage your life to others. Its true that we can’t do anything different from the society. But We can do something to satisfy ourselves. The prime motive of our soul is to satisfied by itself not by anybody else.

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Never keep repeating the same thing what people ask you to do. Have some purpose for your own life. Anyone can study and get grades, anyone can get married and get kids and similarly anyone can have dreams and purpose about their life, But the thing is Everyone are bothered about other’s suggestions and other’s criticisms. That’s Why I had asked you “Why living for others when the life is “YOURS”?!”


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