Why most of the preferred diesel engine?

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Diesel engine was first inverted by German engineer Rudolf diesel and introduced in 1892 . Although this engine is designed to use coal dust as a fuel .

Diesel engine is highly efficient to convert heat energy into work because it does not requires a water supply and long time for warming period . Diesel work on the compressing of air process . The temperature inside the cylinder is increased as such a high degree that atomzised to diesel engine. A petrol engine or gas engine is contrasts with spark ignition. Use spark plug to ignite the air fuel mixture .

Thermal efficiency is high in the diesel engine of any practical engine or combustion engine. Its has very high expansion ratio and inherent lean burn . A small efficiency loss is avoided when compared to two stroke engine. Low speed diesel engine is used in ships and other application where overall engine weight is relatively and it can have a thermal efficiency that will exceeds than50%.

Diesel engine is designed as two stroke or four stroke engine cycle

In olden days this engines are used in  marine ships and ships .

Benefits of diesel engine cars

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Before 20 years later , Americans are staying away from diesel engine technology . Most of the reason is due to diesel engine cars are loud . diesel engine are most preferred for large truck and commercial vehicles in the later days . But now in modern technology, there are widely array of passengers vehicles that feature power today . Americans are still using the diesel engines at far slower rate.

 Fuel economy :

Diesel engine gives the better fuel economy. Its gives more fuel efficiency than the gasoline engines, due the reason is diesel engines preferred more power from the less engine to their higher compression rating . In modern high pressure and fuel injection system, diesel engine gives the best fuel economy . the fuel economy and output is even higher .

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 Lower maintenance :

Diesel engine provides the less maintenance cost so we preferring the engine mostly. Its power Plant works verly differently than gasoline engines, its leads to reduce the maintenance cost and increased lie span. They use compressed hot air to ignite the fuel.

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 Greater torque :

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The engineers design the diesel engine is specifically due to its slow fuel burn and high compression , it will produces the high torque power greater than the other engines . 

                                                             ### East or west, diesel is the best. ###


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