Why muscle growth is slow or stopped at a particular size…

Muscle growth takes place when the workout is over, it builds or repairs the damaged muscle. It requires the correct amount of nutrients to grow, i.e the carbs, fat, and proteins. Your body does not use calories to build muscles. Muscle needs oxygen in the muscle tissue and cells to build. There are various reasons through which muscle growth is stopped or is limited. 

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Reasons for stopped muscle growth

1. Overtraining

Performing or doing an extra workout or extra training may lead to stopping muscle growth. As lifting up too much weight did not build muscles faster, instead, it will stop your muscle growth. Weight should be lifted that much you are able to lift it, over lifting or overtraining will not build your muscle.

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2. Improper diet

Diet has considered an important part of it plays an important role in building muscles. Improper diet may lead to stopped growth, as after workout it is necessary to eat the right and proper food according to the body type. Proper protein intake is also an important source of muscle building. Therefore improper diet will not build muscles, so it is necessary to intake proper diet according to the body type.

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3. Dehydration

Dehydration is another cause of stopped muscle growth. If there is no proper intake of water then the body will be dehydrated and will not be gaining muscle properly. Therefore the muscle will stop growing or will be limited to a particular size. As the dehydrated muscle does not get prior oxygen, so hydration is necessary for muscle building.

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4. Too much cardio

Doing too much cardio and eating a bit won’t help you to gain muscle. Therefore gaining and losing fat at the same time is not possible and doing cardio with it will make no sense. Then the growth of muscle will be stopped and will not grow further.

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5. No proper supplements

Consuming improper supplements without prior knowledge will not lead to growth. Supplements should be consumed properly and the right supplements should be consumed in order to build muscle. Therefore proper supplements are considered and should be used according to body type which will help in building muscles. Grab some multivitamin capsules, fish oil, protein powder, etc…

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6. Lack of sleep

If you are not taking rest or sleeping properly then you are not building muscle. Our body takes changes when we are sleeping. As the majority of hormones are released when we are sleeping, they are growth hormones which make changes in the body. But these hormones require proper rest to release and build muscle.

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Therefore, in the end, you must remember the above things if your muscle growth is slow or stopped at a particular size. As you have to take precautions if you are facing this type of problem. So follow and correct these mistake so that your muscle growth start developing again.