Why to be Honest when one can Cheat?

Honesty is a divine virtue. To be honest it to be true in whatever we do or say. It also means getting things for ourselves only through the right ways, not by stealing or cheating. It is not easy to be honest but it is always good to be honest no matter how hard it is. Honesty brings us peace of mind. We live in peace with everyone and above all, we will have peace within ourselves.

Our desire to have many things may tempt us to follow the easier path of being dishonest. But this will lead us to trouble. We will not be at peace. Suppose a person steals a toy. He always looks for ways and means not to get caught. Once he starts telling lies he has to tell more and more of them, till he gets caught. So, dishonesty brings us trouble. The fun, money or things we get by dishonest means never lasts. Dishonesty may isolate a person. Once we are dishonest people will not trust us again. When we are grown up, if we steal or are dishonest in other ways, we could even be put in prison.

It takes courage to be honest. Honesty is admired by all, but sometimes it causes humiliation and loss. Lasting peace can only be attained if we are honest. We do not have to worry about getting caught or being punished if we are always honest.

Once, when Gandhiji was a student, he was asked a question in the class by his teacher. He did know the correct answer. A boy who was sitting just behind him prompted him the answer. But Gandhiji refused to repeat the answer and chose to remain standing in the class.

Gandhiji’s behaviour is an example of honesty even when it means getting punishment and facing humiliation. He knew his teacher would punish him and his friends would laugh at him. He chose not to answer because giving the answer that his friend told him meant cheating himself and the teacher.

On 23rd October 2003 Mohammad Hussain received a cheque for $1000 and a citizen’s award from the city of Chicago. Mr Hussain was a computer science graduate from Osmania University and left Hyderabad for the USA in 2001 looking for a job. Due to various problems he had to become a taxi driver in Chicago.

Hussain’s taxi was hired by two mean to be dropped off at a hotel. He did not know that one of these men was the famous Anthony Camargo, who designs special jewellery for people like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Cameron Dias, Laura Bush etc. When Hussain reached back home that evening he found a bag of precious jewellery in the trunk of his car. He guessed that the jewellery belong to the two men he had taken to the hotel. He went back there and returned the bag to them. The two men were surprised and pleased to get back the expensive jewellery.

Sine Hussain refused to accept any money from the two men, they informed the hotel manager and Chicago police about what had happened. The police nominated him to receive one of only two medals that the city gives out each year to outstanding taxi drivers.

It is because of his honesty that many people remember Gandhiji even today. It was due to his honesty that Hussain was given money and honor by the city of Chicago. We can expect him to become a great person one day. They will be excellent examples for many people throughout the ages. We can also be like them by being honest in all our dealings. Honesty will be the stepping stone to greatness one day.


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