In this article, I am going to tell you why your marks don’t matter in life.

100 years ago, in the Industrialist age; the industrialists did not require creative or innovative people. All they needed were servants who could do a particular task over and over again. All the factory workers used to assemble at the same time used to wear the same uniform and used to do the same thing repeatedly. This process produced similar products on a massive scale.

In the 19th century, East India Company required servants on a massive scale. They called a person from England named Thomas Babington Macaulay. Macaulay observed that in India every child used to study in his native, regional language. Macaulay applied the factory’s principle to Indian students. Every child used to wear the same uniform and was forced to study in a controlled environment. Our medium of education was changed from the regional languages to ‘English’.

After years of research, UNESCO published that the brains of the kids who begin their education in their native language were more developed. Their minds were more receptive and they performed well in their respective careers. The Britishers needed more employees for their factories hence they a created a system that will produce more workers.

Just answer these questions: Weren’t there engineers or doctors before the dawn of IIT and PMT? The people who designed Taj Mahal; did they graduate from MIT, Amity or IIT?

In our own country, there are many structures which are more than a 1000 years old but are still earthquake and landslide resistant. Chanakya; who was one of the greatest Indian philosophers; neither graduated from Harvard nor from IIM but still the lessons he taught hundreds of years ago are being taught in these colleges; hell, there is even a bestselling book written on his lessons. (Corporate Chanakya)

Paytm’s founder is not an IITian. Book My Show’s founder is not an engineer. Oyo Room’s founder is a college drop out. India’s richest men; Mukesh Ambani and Azim Premji are also college dropouts. Asia’s top motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari is also a college drop out. The richest and most successful cricketer of this era; Virat Kohli is a 10th standard dropout. Aamir Khan; the man who breaks Indian Box Office record every time he releases a movie, never went to college. The God of Cricket; Sachin Tendulkar failed in 10th standard.

Here is the report card of Gary one of the most successful businessman and motivational speaker of America. He has failed in some of his exams and got the last rank in his class. From his report card, it is proved that marks can never decide our future.

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It is pretty evident that to be successful in life you do not require a degree from the topmost colleges. Success isn’t related to your ‘marks’ at all. There are so many people who didn’t let their ‘marks’ define them and they are more successful than you, me or any ‘AIR-1’ of our country.


Next time when you fail an exam or do not get the marks you expected; do not worry. Marks don’t define your life and it is absolutely stupid on your part to think less of yourself just because you failed in one exam or got low marks.

If you think that your parents are going to get angry or get disappointed because of your low marks then work hard in your field of choice and prove them wrong. If you are interested in playing cricket then start learning and excel at it. Whatever you want to do in your life; entrepreneurship, sports, music or anything for that matter, just work hard and develop a unique skill related to that field and no one will be able to stop you from being successful.

Every day in India, 370 students take their life due to exams pressure. If you weren’t able to score good marks in your board’s exam or your final semester then there is absolutely nothing to worry about because your marks are given by teachers who literally measure your answers with their scale, not by your potential.

My advice is to you is; Find your field of choice and work hard to excel in that field. Read books, watch motivational videos. Master a skill, try different things and be creative. One day you will surely find success.

Watch here a video on the inventions made by Indians that change the world.


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  1. Priyadarshi Mohanta

    Write a response…Mukesh Ambani is not a college dropout. He is a degree holder from Standford University on MBA.