The term “motivation” has been derived from the word “motive”. It is an inner state of mind.

Motivation is the key that keeps us concentrated and determined until we achieve our goal. All the people in the world have different motivation factors that help them achieve their goal. For example, some people prefer money as the greatest motivation and some prefer power and rewards as their motivators. But in reality, motivation is only an inner state of mind and this means there are no such outer things that can motivate a person.

All the people in this world, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, require motivation daily.

Some benefits of being motivated are:-

  1. It increases the output.
  2. It makes you disciplined.
  3. It improves the quality of the output.
  4. It helps in achieving your goals.



  1. Intrinsic
  2. Extrinsic

The achievement a person desires, in search of personal satisfaction. Moreover, an intrinsically motivated person does what he does because he loves to do it.


For example:

  • Paying with friends.
  • Blogging, to share personal experiences and thoughts.
  • Solving a puzzle to feel smart and intelligent.

The things someone does because he/she wants a reward or wants to avoid punishment.

hard working-motivationpedia

For example:

  • Studying hard to get the first position in the class.
  • Doing homework to avoid punishment.
  • Getting a college degree to get a good job.

Which one is better?

In life, we need both types of motivation, intrinsic as well as extrinsic. But some studies suggest that if you get rewards for behavior that is already internally rewarding (that is, if you start getting rewards for the things you do while you are intrinsically motivated) then your intrinsic motivation decreases, this is known as the ‘over-justification effect’. The result of over-justification effect’ is that your intrinsic motivation starts turning into extrinsic which results in a decrease in self-satisfaction.

It does not mean, that extrinsically motivating things are bad, in fact, they are also necessary because they motivate you to participate in new things and you get exposure to new activities. In fact, you can learn new things and acquire new skills if you are extrinsically motivated.  

Both the motivations are necessary if you want to get the best out of yourself, and you should learn to mix them in right proportions.




In the US a study has been conducted on different types of motivating factors. It has been found that if you want the best physical output from the humans then money is the greatest motivator. But if you want the best mental output from the humans then money is the worst motivator. This is known as the ‘distraction effect’. According to the ‘distraction effect’, when we get a task to solve a problem and money is the reward for it, then our focus shifts from solving the problem to the money and thus, lowering our work efficiency.

Feeling satisfied and content is also not the best strategy for motivating yourself. Because a feeling of satisfaction gives your brain a feeling that you have already achieved your goal and thus, reduces your motivation.

Instead while achieving your goal, divide your goal into smaller goals and think of them as obstacles or hurdles you have to face while achieving your final goal. Because every time you overcome your obstacles you get motivated and this small achievement can lead you towards your final goal.



A few years ago I was trying to find motivation from the outside but I didn’t realize that the motivation was inside me, not in the outside world. All the motivational speakers and motivational blogs and stories including ‘MOTIVATIONPEDIA‘ are only there to give you direction. In fact, no one in this world can motivate you, not even ‘GOD’ cannot help you if you are not motivated from the inside to achieve your goal. If you are trying to get the motivation you need, from these motivational speeches and stories then you are in the wrong direction. Because these kinds of  motivation will only last for 6 to 8 hours, just like the intoxication after drinking alcohol.

To sum up, all I want to say is, find a true purpose for your goal and no one in this world can de-motivate you. Don’t rely on the outside sources for the motivation that you need, ‘FIND THAT MOTIVATION INSIDE YOU’, because it is right there and you just need to awaken it.




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  3. Lulu

    I agree that to find motivation to do any great task, that task has to be looked at in little bits or parts. Instead of looking at the whole and thinking that one cannot do something and then losing motivation to even get started, people should set tiny specific goals and reward themselves once they’ve accomplished them.

    Once we start rewarding ourselves for the baby steps we’ve taking toward the achievement of a greater goal, we will become more intrinsically motivated to continue to strive for success.

    Great article!