The year 2018 started with the ugliest  of the crimes ever been, ASIFA BANO an 8 year old kishmiri nomad was allegedly abused for days before she was stoned and stranglled to death.

Asifa’s rape case shook the walls of secualarism when eight Hindu males – including four police officers, a retired government official and a child – have been arrested over the brutal gang rape and murder of the Muslim girl.  As the case was’nt ugly enough, the hindus came into the protest for acussing and arresting the hindu men.

1. Deepak Khajuria. 28 years old. He is an SPO – Special Police Officer. (Yes, please – read that again).

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2. Sanji Ram. 60 years Old. Is the main caretaker of the “Devasthan” (small temple), and is listed as the main conspirator in the crime.

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3. Tilak Raj – Head Constable (Picture found from Deepak’s friend’s list)

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4. Anand Dutta – Sub-inspector (Picture shared by locals. Name on the tag is the same)

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They took Rs. 4 lakh from Sanji Ram to destroy crucial evidence.

5. Surinder Kumar – Special Police Officer (No picture found)

6. Vishal Jangotra – Sanji Ram’s son who studied in Meerut. He raped the girl with the juvenile.

7. Parvesh Kumar – Deepak’s close friend who was asked for help and assistance in executing the plan on the ground.

Their pictures need to go viral. Not her’s. We don’t need to be scared of being that child but these men in power, authority, and access.

Reason: To cause communal disharmony. Of course!

So, basically threaten the community by raping and murdering their children so that they live in perpetual fear of their safety and leave the place.

He goes scot-free, and we have so many more children left in the country (including our own) for him and his likes to exploit. You can keep your children at home to keep them protected. Stifle their growth, movement, and let them be abused by someone at home. Or let them out and face this.

After the incident it was obvious for twitteratis to explode, from cricketers to actors all shared their condolences and hate for the acussed-




This is now a case of dispute between two political parties. Where people actaully came on streets to save them. They might go scot-free and Asifa might not get her justice.


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