Will you please stop Gossiping?

Gossiping is one of the most entertaining job as people consider. Gossiping about people really tend pleasing to many. But is that a healthy one? Think over it. Imagine if people started gossiping behind you as you do the same to others, will it be a happy news for you? Never. Similarly you should also be sure that you don’t involve in others’ issues thinking that you are enjoying. We have several other interesting tasks to do. Gossiping just gives us a few minutes of joy yet it is not the real way to get happiness. What we do is which we get. It actually spoils our morals. The more you stop involving with other’s life, the more your life improves.

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The main root of gossiping arises in the form of rumours. All the information we get to know about a person will not be correct always. And sometimes it will be totally wrong. One person will be really kind and soft hearted but the gossip behind them will be exactly the opposite of what they are. Every person cannot be understood by anyone completely. Only situations determine what kind of person they are on how they react. If a person is being different from you, in other words if they are staying unique , it doesn’t mean that you can start gossiping about them. Analyse what makes them to do so, or why they are being like that. Not everyone around you are happy. Some may just pretend to be very happy. Many have many stories , but you don’t decide the moral of their story. If you don’t know about the person or don’t know what had really happened, it is better for you to remain quiet.

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Gossiping may seem fun. It might appear as if it is spoiling the name of the person about whom the gossips are going on. But you should realize that it is actually spoiling the name of the gossiper. It degrades your morals. It reduces the trust of others on you.

 The people with whom you gossip will definitely start maintaining distance with you. You will become less trust worthy. You will not be called a “best friend” to share secrets with. If you are not able to maintain the secrets of others, then your secrets will also be not maintained. Gossiping and rumours are like forest fires. Once it is started, it goes around about everything about everybody. To not to be a Gossiping substance, better you don’t be a gossiper.

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Some may think that gossiping spoils the person’s name, so that they can portray themselves as the best person and come up in life. But you can’t come up in life by putting others down. Rather you should try to come up in life by living others up. TALKING ABOUT OTHERS gives you nothing. If LIEING is a SIN, Gossiping also comes under the same category. When you talk about others, check whether you really posses the quality to criticize others,. Each ones’ morals varies. So you can never judge others, but you can maintain a limit with people with whom you feel uncomfortable with. But Gossiping about them or blaming about their behaviour is not going to cause any change their attitude, but it is definitely going to spoil your ethics. So it’s better not to TALK ABOUT OTHERS.

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It’s better to stay genuine in your educational place or working place in order to avoid yourself from getting involved in unnecessary troubles. Keep yourself busy with things that makes you unique from others. Be very friendly to everyone and try to understand others situations before you tend to judge them. Develop empathy towards others. Try to think from their situation. If you don’t feel their pain, at least don’t blame them.

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Nobody is perfect; but each one is PERFECT in their own way! So better give way for everyone to shine than putting them down.


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