Work hard and prove that her decision was wrong


Are you wasting your precious time crying for a girl who rejected you or cheated on you?

If yes, then you are engulfed by the biggest setback that most of the teenagers and even adults all over the world suffer from. Many guys spend sleepless nights crying for the girl who rejected them or cheated on them. When you are rejected by a girl then you try every possible way either to get her back or to forget her. You watch videos on Youtube on ‘how to forget her’ or ‘how to get her back; you even purchase books and read blogs searching for answers to your dilemma, ‘how to get her back’.

Why does she behave this way? Why is she doing this? What did she mean by that? These are the only questions that run through your mind after your separation. You think about her day and night and you spend hours reminiscing about that girl. You even go to extreme lengths and think that you can even write a book on your relationship and after reading it, she will come running back to you.

Seriously, if you are doing this then you are only wasting your precious time.

Let’s say you have tried every possible way to get her back and your attempts have even cost you your career and even then she has not come back to you.

What would you do then?

You would have destroyed your career for that one girl and then you will be left with nothing in life. You would have failed yourself.

Always remember, everyone wants to read success stories in this world but no one wants to read failure stories. So please don’t create a failure story, create a success story.

“Forget it enough to get over it and remember it enough so that it doesn’t happen again”



Shahrukh Khan’s motivating story:-

Shahrukh Khan met Gauri in Delhi. They both fell in love with each other and wanted to get married but Gauri’s parents didn’t agree with this as Shahrukh belonged to a poor family and he had no guardian. Gauri’s parents sent her to their relative’s place in Bombay. Shahrukh went to Bombay in search of Gauri where he promised Gauri at the beach that he will marry her but first he will rule the city and now he is the king of Bollywood and his net worth is $600 million.

If Shahrukh Khan would have kept regretting that he didn’t get the love of his life then he wouldn’t have been successful. He stood up took tough decisions worked hard for what he wanted and get what he wanted.


The Message:-

If you are wasting your time and your life on one girl then just remember, life is not all about getting married to the love of your life. Life is about helping others and putting a smile on others’ face. God has sent you for a purpose. Instead, of chasing your crush, chase your goals and make your life worth living.

‘You never know the power of yourself unless someone hurts you badly’



Stop reminiscing about that girl? Just work harder, become a successful person and let her regret why she left you.





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