Workout for weight loss !!

When you are looking for losing weight then the basic thing is eating less and more workout. The most common topic of debate is how to lose weight easily. As nowadays most of the people are getting obese and they are a victim of obesity. Everyone wants to lose weight but not want to exercise properly as they become lazy to reduce their too much body weight.

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1. Running

Running is the first priority for weight loss as it is harder to beat and is the most efficient way to lose weight. It brings our body in motion and keeps the body warm. As to lose body weight it requires to shed a lot of pounds. You have to burn about 3000 calories to lose pounds and diet accordingly. Also, it helps to maintain the calorie deficit as burning more calories.

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2. Push-ups

Pushups are efficiently one of the best ways to get a toned and pumped chest as it also increases the upper body strength. They are often called the fat burner. Doing 20-40 pushups per day helps in losing weight easily as it helps in building strong muscles. Therefore it is a strength training exercise which is used for muscle building and it also increases the metabolism.

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3. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are the most effective way to lose weight and is very easy to perform. As it shrinks up your belly fat and gives a trimmed stomach. Doing it for 30 minutes can burn up to 200 calories or more according to the weight in pounds. It can be done anywhere in a free space or in the gym.

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4. Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is a very easy exercise for weight loss and can be performed without any equipment just on a simple mat. It burns the calories which lead to the fat loss if done over time. This exercise is like climbing mountains and you can take up small and big steps accordingly. Also, it strengthens up your abs and reduces the belly fat as stepping up hills can cause much weight loss.

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5. Burpees

Burpee is a four-point move which is first from a standing position then drop into a squat and then hold on with the plank, then again in the squat and jump. Doing 100 burpees can reduce fat ASAP, then first 15 should be done in less than a minute and the rest should be completed accordingly. It is a fully intense workout and burns a ton of calories which can reduce up to 50% of fat than any other regular exercise.

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6. Cycling

Cycling is the best way to lose fat and it can be done in a gym or on the roads with a cycle as it is the best way to look trimmer and lighter. Cycling on the hills can reduce much weight and it also increases the stamina and strength. It is the best way to lose side fat and lower abs fat. Hydration is required for cycling which in turn burns a lot of calories.

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7. Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks are the best way to burn calories. Depending on the weight of the body you can lose up to 20-100 calories easily. It mainly strengthens your lower body part and flattens your stomach. Therefore it keeps your abs, thighs, and glutes strong.

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8. Plank

Plank is the most effective way to lose fat. It strengthens the core of your abs and helps you to lose overall stomach fat. Doing it for 5 minutes can burn up too many calories in the body. Therefore it is a weight loss booster and instantly warms up your body.

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 Therefore these exercises are very helpful in losing fat and should be done in approx. 1 hour for better results. Sometimes it is also called power workout.


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