You are okay.

They are okay.

What do you guess from these lines that I have written above?

Inorder to make it clear let me tell you a fable which some might probably know and some donot.

“The Animal School” written by George H. Reavis.

Once upon a time,the animals used to go to school to learn.The school was very concerned about the works and grades that their students get on tests.There were many small animals studying there like Eagle,Squirrel,Duck and Rabbit.The organization of the school had adopted different curriculum like swimming,climbing,running and flying.

Each and every student excelled in one and failed in others.The teachers were so angry on them,the parents were sad because of their sons and daughters poor performances.The Duck was a great swimmer who always topped everyone in the swimming class.The duck was even better than his instructor and made good grades in flying too.But he did not show any sort of interest towards running and always gave an poor performance because of which he had to stay late for practicing running by quitting its favorite swimming class.

The Squirrel was an awesome climber until he was put into the flying class where he failed almost everytime.The squirrel was frustrated because it is only good at climbing from tree bottoms and not flying from the ground.So the birds which studied there made fun of him.Squireel was devastated thinking that it is unworthy.

<!––– –>

Though Rabbit was an excellent runner,he could not even make a single minute in the water.He disliked his class so much.He often used to experience certain nervous breakdowns just to hear the word ‘swimming’.

<!––– –>

The eagle was the most problematic student who was very angry and stubborn.He was appreciated by everyone for his flying but he could not climb the tree as good as a squirrel.Thinking of itself as a shame the eagle went into depression.

<!––– –>

At the end an abnormal eel who could do all the four,swimming,running,climbing and flying became the best outgoing student.

We can see that the differences between all the four animals and how each one is unique.Appreciate the fact about you.You may be an eagle,your sister maybe an duck,your frind maybe an squirrel and your mom may be an rabbit. We all have different strengths and weaknesses which is what is the added beauty of it.Can you see how stupid it might be to ask an eagle with a rabbit and say “Which one is better?” Likewise can you see how nonsensical it is to compare yourself with others and think, “I am better than her”, or “I am not as good as him”? No one is worse or better than anyone else,but are different.


Valuing the differences in yourself and the others can always open most of the gates to increase happiness.


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