You are Unique

Navi, who lives in East End of London, have spent thousands of pounds having surgery of various kinds so as to look more like Michael Jackson, the singer. He dedicated 17 of the 32 years of his life to following his idol.

Vivek Oberoi, an actor, once said, “We must break free of all barriers and dare to be our own self. In the final analysis, it is only those people who accept you for who you are that matter.”

Sachin Tendulkar gave the following tip to his admirers: “You have to be true to yourself. Do not attempt shortcuts. Accept challenges; otherwise, you won’t ever be a tough cricketer.

It is common for young people to be like their heroes or friends. Look at and observe the people around you. No two persons are the same. God made every human being different from others. One person’s looks, talents, behavior, way of talking and thinking are not the same as other person’s. We are not exactly the same even to our brothers and sisters. This is the uniqueness of all the human beings. To be unique is to be different from all others or being just one of our kind.

Some people feel ashamed because they cannot do something as well as someone else can. They think, “I am not beautiful as that actress” or “I cannot speak as my teacher does”, others can do. We are good in other things that our friends cannot do.

We need not feel shy about our looks, our abilities or our weaknesses. We need not refuse to do something because we cannot do it as well as someone else can. Trying to be like someone else is foolish. God does not want us to be like anyone else. He wants us to be the best we can be with what he has given us.

It is good to be always what we are. God made everyone good at something or other. Albert Einstein failed in school as a boy. His teacher told him that he will never accomplish anything great in life. But when he grew up, Einstein became the greatest scientist of the twentieth century.

People used to make fun of Mahatma Gandhi as his ears were very large. Despite this he did not hide himself neither was he ashamed of his ears. He did well at whatever he could, and he became father of the Nation.

It is a waste of time to envy what others could do. It is equally a waste of time to talk all the time about what we can do better than others.

There was a Jewish saint named Zussye who was close to his death. His friends saw that he was afraid. They asked him, “Master, why are you afraid? Are you afraid of God will ask you why uou were not like Moses or Abraham?” “No,” he replied, “God will not ask me that. But he will ask me, “Why you were not a great Zussye? Why did you not use better gifts I gave you as Zussye, and become as great as you could have?” I am afraid I do not have good answer to that.”

We need not be like Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa to be great. They had different gifts from God. They lived at a different time and at a different place. We have our own talents. What God wants from us is to use these gifts in the best way possible to do the maximum in our own place and time.

It is alright to have heroes and models. But we should not try to be exactly like them. We should become the maximum we can be in our own way. Let us discover ourselves and be ourselves.



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