And I agree

maybe you will never fall for me

Because my symphony of imagination

and your series of thoughts never rhyme

And yes it’s an atrocious crave to want you

when I know you can’t be mine

But when

when our hands intertwine and our eyes meet

and you take me in your arms and I can feel your heartbeat

This endearing feeling

makes my heart go freewheeling

And I don’t know what love is

but the way your lips brush my cheeks

and your voice makes my heart weak

the way your warmth light up my soul

and the way your presence gives me peace

This feeling

this is beautiful

And I know my loss

that you’ll never take a step on the road I wish to cross

But when I am with you

All I want is to stop

stop the chaos of world

and tumult of thoughts in my mind

and get lost

lost in the illusion of affection and madness I have of you

I no longer want to wander around the possibility of what’s wrong and what’s true

I just want to get lost in the reflection of you.

~Mugdha Pande


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